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In this Hindi Lesson

You’ll learn how to form different sounds using Hindi Vowels and Hindi Consonants

But before we learn this in Hindi, we must see how make different sounds using English vowels and English consonants

English has 5 vowels: a,e,i,o,u.

English has 5 vowels: a,e,i,o,u.

If I take an English consonant ‘K’ and combine ‘K’ with 5 vowels of English, I have five different sounds

1) k + a= ka as in amerika

2) k+ e= ke as in kettle

3) k+i=ki as in kim

4) k+o=ko as in kola

5)k+u=ku as in kumar

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Hindi is no different. Twelve vowels when put behind a Hindi consonant gives us twelve different sounds for each consonant. The word ‘twleve’ translates to “barah” in Hindi. Hence what you are going to learn now is called ” Barakhadi”.

Let us take the example of Hindi alphabet “ग (ga)

When “ग (ga)” combines with the first Hindi vowel अ(a), the sound remains as it is

ग (ga) + अ(a) = ग(ga) as in gun

When “ग (ga)” combines with the second Hindi vowel “आ(aa)”, it takes the sound of “आ(aa)” at the end.

ग (ga) + आ(aa)= गा(gaa) as in Gandhi

while writing the sign (known as maatraa) is attached to “ग (ga)”.

When “ग (ga)” combines with the third Hindi vowel “इ(ii)”, it takes the sound of “इ(ii)at the end.

ग (ga) + इ(ii)= गि(gi) as in Gift

while writing the sign ि is attached to “ग (ga)”.

The following presentation shows the complete Barakhadi of ग.

गा गि गीगु गू गे गै गो गौ गं ग:

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Barakhadi of 'ga'


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Barakhadi (matra) : vowel signs


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