Kabir Jayanti 2021: Here's Why Kabir And His Dohas Inspire Us (2023)

Know all about Kabir Jayanti: The birth anniversary of Sant Kabiris celebrated on Jyeshtha Purnima. This year Kabir Jayanti is on June 24. Sant Kabir was a poet, spiritual leader and social reformer whose verses, known as Kabir's dohas, have inspired people across generations. Kabir's dohas, devotional poems and songs of love reflect his humanism and ideals of harmony and brotherhood in society. The poet-saint, born in the 15th Century in Varanasi, is equally revered by Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims. Not much is known about the early life of Sant Kabir.

According to legends (indianculture.gov.in), "Kabir was conceived miraculously. His mother was a devout Brahmin widow who had accompanied her father on a pilgrimage to a famous ascetic. Impressed by their dedication, the ascetic blessed her and told her she would soon bear a son. After the son was born...Kabir's mother abandoned him. Young Kabir was adopted by Nima, the wife of a Muslim weaver."

Kabir's writings include songs called padas, rhymed couplets or dohas, words of wisdom known as shabd and'witnesses' known as sakhis. Kabir did not believe in the caste systemor idol worship and rituals. His philosophy is based on complete devotion in one God and his verses are simple, which everyone can understand. A number of his dohas speak about the oneness of Ram, Rahim, Hari, Govind, Allah, Khuda, etc.

Kabir's verses are rich in wisdom, kindness and compassion and love for fellow human beings.

Here are a few of Kabir's famous dohas:

Aisi vani boliye, mann ka aapa khoye.
Auron ko sheetal kare, aaphun sheetal hoye.

(Speak gently for they help you control your anger and are also a source of joy to the listener.)

Dheere dheere re mann, dheere sab kuch hoye,
Maali seenche sau ghara, ritu aaye phal hoye

(Slow down, O Mind! Everything happens at its natural pace. Even if you water a plant a 100 times, it will only bear fruit when the season comes.)

Bada hua to kya hua, jaise ped khajoor,
Panthi ko chhaya nahi, fal laage ati duur.

(Being big is no good if it is not helpful. Even a palm tree,which is huge, is of no use as it neither provides shade, nor fruit to the weary traveler.)

Dukh mein sumiran sab kare, sukh mein kare na koi,
Jo such mein sumiran kare, to dukh kaahe ko hoye.

(Everyone prays to God when in sorrow, none does in joy. One who remembers God in joy will never experience sorrow.)

(Source: kavishala.in)

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What is the significance of Kabir Jayanti? ›

Kabir Jayanti, also known as Kabir Praakat Diwas, is celebrated to commemorate the manifestation of Kabir, a famous poet and mystic saint in India. It is celebrated once in a year on the full moon day in the Hindu month Jyeshtha, which is the month of May or June according to the Gregorian calendar.

What is Doha according to Kabir? ›

Meaning – You should not oppress the weak, as you should not trample a speck. When that weak person counterattacks, it will be very painful. Just like a speck of dust in the eye can cause a lot of discomfort. Saint Kabir's Dohe is full of meaning and teachings.

What was the universal message of Kabir? ›

Sant Kabir stressed the idea of one God. He taught that Ishwar Allah Ram and Rahim were different names of one God. He spread the message of Hindu-Muslim unity Universal brotherhood tolerance and banned idol worship caste system and rituals. Kabir preached his message through simple beautiful Hindi poems called Dohas.

Who wrote the Dohas of Kabir? ›

Saint Kabir is a famous poet-saint of Medieval Indian History. He is famous for his couplet works called 'Dohas'(Doha literally means two lines). These were two line verses in poetry which were composed in a simple and easy manner to teach devotion and lessons of life to the people.

What are the three main teachings of Kabir? ›

Kabir's teachings state that 'Bhakti' is the way to attain salvation, not religious practices
  • Kabir believed that salvation could be attained by sincere devotion to God, by being kind, performing good deeds and with bhakti. ...
  • Kabir's teachings are in the form of dohas or couplets, which are very popular throughout India.

What were the values of Kabir? ›

He believed in the oneness of God and opposed the idea of worshipping the idols. Kabir emphasized the need to persistently purify the soul to be close to God rather than to indulge in various rituals.

Why is Doha important? ›

Doha is the capital and largest city of the country, on the Persian Gulf. It has a large, artificial deep-water port, which was opened in 1969 and serves as a major shipping centre for cargo around the Persian Gulf. Shrimp fishing and processing are important industries.

What is the importance of dohas? ›

A doha is a couplet in lyrical verse-format which was extensively used by poets and saints of North India probably since the beginning of the 6th century AD. Dohas of Kabir, Tulsidas, Rahim and the dohas of Nanak (called sakhis) are loved across the world and dohas are composed even today.

What is important about Doha? ›

Doha (Arabic: الدوحة, romanized: ad-Dawḥa [adˈduħa] or ad-Dūḥa) is the capital city and main financial hub of Qatar. Located on the Persian Gulf coast in the east of the country, north of Al Wakrah and south of Al Khur, it is home to most of the country's population.

What is the ultimate reality of Kabir? ›

Kabir described the 'Ultimate Reality' by drawing the ranges of traditions such as from Islam, he had drawn the Ultimate Reality as Allah, Khuda, Hazrat and Pir.

What were the teachings and impact of Kabir? ›

Key Teachings and Philosophies of Kabir:

Kabir did not supported asceticism and believed that one can find God without leaving the materialistic world & its obligations. Kabir saw all the religions in the same light & considered religions merely different means to reach same God.

What were the social ideas of Kabir? ›

Sant Kabir was against the caste system imposed by the Hindu community. He said that there should be no discrimination on the basis of caste, and rejected the authority of both the Veda and the Koran. He laid great emphasis on the equality of men.

What is the meaning of Doha? ›

Doha is a lyrical verse-format which was extensively used by Indian poets and bards of North India probably since the beginning of the 6th century AD. Dohas of Kabir, Tulsidas, Raskhan, Rahim and the dohas of Nanak called Sakhis are famous. Satasai of Hindi poet, Bihārī, contains many dohas. Dohas are written even now.

What were the major ideas expressed by Kabir How did he express these? ›

He expressed his ideas through verses called sakhis and pads. 5. He openly made fun of all external forms of the religion, Hindu and Islam, also the pre-eminence of priestly classes and the cast system.

Who is the most famous doha of Kabir? ›

Here are some popular Kabir's dohe, which I think everyone should know about
  1. दुःख में सुमिरन सब करे सुख में करै न कोय। ...
  2. बुरा जो देखन मैं चला, बुरा न मिलिया कोय । ...
  3. जब तू आया जगत में, लोग हँसे तू रोय । ...
  4. काल करे सो आज कर, आज करे सो अब । ...
  5. निंदक नियरे राखिए, ऑंगन कुटी छवाय । ...
  6. कबीर हमारा कोई नहीं हम काहू के नाहिं ।
Jan 31, 2022

Who is God according to Kabir Das? ›

God was the focal point of Kabir's religion and Kabir addressed him in different names. In his opinion God alone was Ram, Rahim, Govind, Allah, Khuda, Hari etc. But for Kabir, 'Saheb' was his favorite name. He said god was everywhere and His domain is unlimited.

What is the difference between Kabir and Guru Nanak teachings? ›

Sant Kabir Vehemently Criticised Social, Religious Evils Unlike Guru Nanak. Kabir strongly criticised certain religious and social evils (of both Hindus and Muslims), which according to him were not important or even detrimental to the spiritual growth of people.

What are followers of Kabir teachings called? ›

His followers are known as Kabirpanthis which means travellers who go on the path of Kabir.

Why is Kabir remembered even today? ›

Kabir's message is immortal so he is remembered even today. His message of equality, love, communal amity and brotherhood without distinction on the basis of caste, creed and religion remains the beacon light for us.

What did Kabir say about religion? ›

He questioned two prevailing orthodoxies: the concept of rival Gods and the need for religious rituals for worshipping Him. In place of Allah and Ishwar he conceptualised a single universal God; in place of denominational religions, he conceptualised a universal religiosity.

What was Kabir dream of a religious practice? ›

Kabir preached that a simple union (sahaja-yoga), an emotional integration of the soul with God through personal devotion, could be achieved by all people, whether they were Hindus or Muslims ("I am not a Hindu, nor a Muslim am I"), or whether they were of high or low caste ("Now I have no caste, no creed").

What is the beautiful about Doha? ›

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What culture is Doha? ›

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How many dohas did Kabir have? ›

Ans. Sant Kabir wrote 25 Dohas based on life. The deep lines of his dohas answer all questions related to life and Karmas. One can read and enchant his dohas.

What are the best works of Kabir? ›

Literary works with compositions attributed to Kabir include Kabir Bijak, Kabir Parachai, Sakhi Granth, Adi Granth (Sikh), and Kabir Granthawali (Rajasthan).

What does the lane of love is narrow Kabir mean? ›

As succinctly described in Kabir's poem, the lane of love is narrow; there is room for only one. The worst error anyone can ever make is to limit the sentiments of human beings to specific dogmas or give a one cap fits all categorization of human feelings.

What is the objective Doha? ›

Its objective was to lower trade barriers around the world, and thus facilitate increased global trade.

Why do we love Qatar? ›

High wages and great work opportunities are synonymous with the Gulf country, and this is one of the reasons why we love it. 2. The Culture and Arts: Souq Waqif, Katara Cultural Village and the Museum of Islamic Art are only a few venues that we get to experience art and culture in Qatar.

How is life in Doha? ›

Qatar is a rich country, often ostentatiously so. Nationals and expats enjoy one of the highest living standards in the world – if they have the means to do so. Income inequalities are widely visible. According to the World Inequality Database, the top 1% of the population enjoys 23.6% of Qatar's national income.

What does Kabir say about truth? ›

Listen to the secret sound, the real sound, which is inside you.”

Why Kabir was a mystic? ›

Far from promoting a culture of unbelief or skepticism, Kabir tried to separate the truth from untruth, faith from superstition. He spent the last days of his life in Maghar (Uttar Pradesh) to explode the myth that he who died there would be born as donkey.

What are some interesting facts about Kabir? ›

Kabir was born 1440, in Varanasi, to muslim weavers family. His names means great in Arabic. Ramananda had refused to accept him as his disciple. He was lying on the steps that led the Ganges.

Why is Kabir remembered today? ›

Kabir's message is immortal so he is remembered even today. His message of equality, love, communal amity and brotherhood without distinction on the basis of caste, creed and religion remains the beacon light for us.

What was the contribution of Kabir in Indian society? ›

Contribution of Kabir to Bhakti Movement:

Kabir Das is the first Indian saint who has coordinated the Hinduism and Islam by giving a universal path which could be followed by both Hindus and Muslims. According to him every life has relationship with two spiritual principles (Jivatma and Paramatma).

What is a Guru Sant Kabir Jayanti? ›

Sant Kabir Das Jayanti is an annual event celebrating Kabir Das's birth. The birthday is celebrated according to the Hindu calendar and falls on the full moon day of Jyestha month. As per the Gregorian calendar, it falls in May or June. It will be celebrated on the 04th of June 2023.

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