The Kobalt 24V Max Trimmer is Cheap but not Great | TLR (2024)

The Kobalt 24V String Trimmer attachment system is not only a super powerful weed eater, but capable of carrying some great attachments like a dethatcher, edger, and tons more.

The Kobalt 24V Max Trimmer is Cheap but not Great | TLR (1)

I got my hands on this Kobalt 24V string trimmer system and put it to work, testing it around my yard and cranking all the different attachments.

I’ve tested a bunch of attachment capable string trimmer systems like this Kobalt 24V model and my favorite has been the EGO multi-head. These two both sell at Lowe’s and will be side-by-side if you are making a decision.

Bottom Line: The Kobalt 24V string trimmer attachment system is a surprisingly solid, versatile system that comes in at an unbelievably low price point. If you are looking for a great alternative to some pricier systems, this is the perfect option. You can grab it at Lowe’s for a great price.

Testing the Kobalt 24V Max String Trimmer system

Once I got the Kobalt 24V Max String Trimmer out of the box, assembling it was a breeze. This comes as a split shaft, meaning it is already assembled and folded in the box. You simply snap it into place and put on the debris guard (if you want) and you’re ready to go. Here was my experience using this trimmer.

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The Kobalt string trimmer has nice cutting power

The 14 inch cutting swath on the Kobalt 24V Max string trimmer system is what I call the “Goldilocks” zone. This cutting swath isn’t so large that it reaches commercial landscaping territory, demanding a ton of juice from the battery and motor.

The Kobalt 24V Max Trimmer is Cheap but not Great | TLR (3)

But at 15 inches, the Kobalt 24V Max trimmer is extremely powerful for any residential job. One thing I always do when I get a new string trimmer is to change out the string from its stock version to the kind I personally made, called GrassKicker. We designed this to be durable, sharp, and highly visible.

When it comes to weed eaters, cutting swath is synonymous with power. Once I had the new string on here, the full 15 inch length was an absolute monster and a huge upgrade. The Kobalt 24V string trimmer has enough power for just about any homeowner (unless you live in a dense forest or have > 2 acres of land).

The trimmer is super durable

One thing I love about Kobalt’s 24V Max series string trimmer system is that it comes with a brushless motor. I’ve written extensively about brushless motors on lawn tools and am a strong proponent of making sure you have a brushless motor.

The Kobalt 24V Max Trimmer is Cheap but not Great | TLR (4)

Luckily, the Kobalt 24V Max string trimmer has one of these motors, making it highly durable, giving it more torque, and a long life. And with all battery powered weed eaters, the Kobalt trimmer has no maintenance at all on the motor and will fire right up whenever you simply press the button.

The rest of this string trimmer has a super solid build – something that shocked me given the relatively low price. But the construction on this, especially around where the triggers are, felt solid and reliable and like it could last me for several years.

The Kobalt string trimmer attachment system is universal

My Kobalt 24V Max string trimmer just came with the multi-head and string trimmer head. Since this string trimmer system is universal, I had a ton of other attachments I could pop on easily from my experience with other attachment capable systems.

The Kobalt 24V Max Trimmer is Cheap but not Great | TLR (5)

I loved that I could easily pop on an edger attachment and have a beastly battery lawn edger. Then I could grab a hedge trimmer attachment and have an extended hedge trimmer. Attachment capabilities on this trimmer make it a Swiss Army knife tool that not only saves a ton of money, but makes storage way easier.

One attachment that I got separately because I had never seen it before is the Kobalt Dethatcher attachment. And I got this attachment only because it seemed strange. Usually lawn dethatchers are oriented like push mowers, so imagining using this with one hand across my whole yard just felt…awkward.

The Kobalt 24V Max Trimmer is Cheap but not Great | TLR (6)

Well my imagination was correct. This Kobalt dethatching attachment was definitely awkward haha. I could see this attachment being awesome for small areas but would go crazy if I did this all across my lawn.

The Kobalt 24V MAX system has tons of tools

One thing you need to be careful about before buying this kobalt string trimmer is the difference between 24V and 24V MAX. In many battery lines, these two are surprisingly and unfortunately INCOMPATIBLE.

The Kobalt 24V Max Trimmer is Cheap but not Great | TLR (7)

On the bright side, Kobalt’s 24V Max system is huge – spanning dozens of lawn tools and even more hand power tools. From an investment perspective – I love only having to buy one or two batteries and one charger. This declutters my garage and keeps costs down when I buy the tool-only version of other tools.

The Kobalt 24V Max leaf blower is a great addition to their lineup.

Kobalt 24V Max string trimmer system is inexpensive compared to others

This string trimmer sells exclusively at Lowe’s (just like all Kobalt stuff). At under $200 for the system and weed eater attachment plus batteries and charger – you’re getting a steal. If you already have a 24V Max battery, the price drops to well below $150. Holy guacamole.

Final review: Kobalt 24V MAX string trimmer

I was pleasantly surprised by the Kobalt 24V Max attachment capable string trimmer. Sadly, I judged this string trimmer by its low price. But when I fired the string trimmer up and got to work, I ate my words.

This string trimmer gets the stamp of approval from TLR.

The Kobalt 24V Max Trimmer is Cheap but not Great | TLR (2024)
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