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Members can receive grants for making energy efficient improvements to their home or business. Upgraded measures must be inspected and/or verified by a Sawnee EMC Energy Services Representative. It is at Sawnee EMC’s sole discretion to determine which measures are applicable at the site. Grant funds may be obtained through the applicable calendar year as available and while funds remain.

Please note, programs and grants are subject to change without notice. All rebates are issued as a credit on the qualifying member’s Sawnee EMC electric bill. The rebate program is for work completed in 2024 and are not retroactive or prospective.To apply for a rebate, submit a copy of your paperwork (i.e. invoice or receipt) to Sawnee EMC’s Energy Services Department. You can email the paperwork to, fax to (770) 454-0139or mail a copy to Sawnee EMC, Attn: Energy Services, 543 Atlanta Highway, Cumming, GA 30040.

  • Residential Rebates
  • Commercial Rebates
  • Increase structure's entire attic insulation value to R-49 or greater
  • Does not apply to homes built after 1/1/2019
  • Half (1/2) of the total cost up to a maximum of $200.00
  • Replace an existing water heater with a new, energy saving Heat Pump Water Heater
  • One time $100.00 rebate
  • Have a professional grade sealing of ductwork with mastic performed
  • One time rebate of half (1/2) of the cost up to a maximumof $100.00 per home
  • Have a professional air conditioner/heat pump "tune up" performed on the outside condensing unit
  • Does not apply to gas furnace tune ups
  • Half (1/2) of the cost up to a maximumof $20.00 for each HVAC system annually
  • Install a variable speed pool pump(s) to replace a single speed pool pump
  • Half (1/2) of the cost up to a maximum of $100.00 per pump
  • Rebate Requirements and Application
  • A member can receive a 1-time energy grant, for installing a Smart Thermostat as long as enrolled in Smart Savers or Load Management.
  • $25 rebate for installation of a Smart Saver qualified Smart Thermostat.
  • Rebate Requirements and Application
  • Install a load management switch on central air conditioner or heat pump
  • Member must own the HVAC unit
  • Total annual credit of $30.00 per switch; paid in three (3) equal installmentsof $10.00 on the June, July and August billing statements
  • More information
  • Install and enroll a qualifying thermostat per program criteria
  • Member must own the HVAC unit
  • Total annual credit of $30.00 per thermostat; paid in three (3) equal installments of $10.00 on the July, August and September billing statements
  • More Information
  • If a member purchases a total electric vehicle and has a Level 2 charger (240 volt) installed, they can be eligible for a rebate.
  • Only applies if the member also participates in one of Sawnee EMC's Time of Use rates (TU, PEV, or CPPR) for a required 1 year minimum period, on the account where the charger is connected
  • One time $200 rebate for installing Level 2 PEV charger
  • Rebate Requirementsand Application
  • Install an air source heat pump having an outside unit with ayellow ENERGY GUIDE rating of 17.0 SEER (or equivalentSEER2) or higher as a replacement or as an addition to the home
  • Sawnee EMC Load Management switch must be installed to qualify (view consent form (PDF))
  • $50.00 per ton
  • Install an air conditioner having an outside unit with ayellow ENERGY GUIDE rating of 17.0 SEER(or equivalentSEER2) or higher as a replacement or as an addition to the home
  • Sawnee EMC Load Management switch must be installed to qualify (view consent form (PDF))
  • $50.00 per ton

For more information, contact our Marketing Department at 770-887-2363or complete our onlineRebate Information Request Formto further inquire about any rebate.

  • Receive an energy grant for upgrading existing lighting to systems to higher efficiency, certified lighting systems or by replacing a piece of equipment when the replacement unit results in a kilowatt savings
  • One fourth (1/4) of the total cost up to a maximum of $750.00
  • Lighting/Equipment Upgrade Application (PDF)

A 20% reduction of Contribution in Aid to Construction (CIAC) charges, up to a $2,000 maximum, can be issued for installing a Level 3/DC Fast Charger

For information, call our Marketing Department at 770-887-2363or on-line atCommercial Marketing at Sawnee.

You can also fax receipts for completed upgrades to the Marketing Department at 678-513-8106. Please include your Sawnee account number and a contact phone number with the fax.

Let SEMC install a Load Management Switch for your air conditioner or heat pump.

Load Management

The Smart Savers Program helps reduce energy usage during times of peak energy demand.

Smart Savers

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer

©2024 Sawnee EMC. We're More Than Electricity, We're Service.

Rebates and Incentives | Sawnee EMC (2024)
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