Numerology Number 5: Personality Traits, Career and Lucky Colour - Times of India (2024)

Numerology Number 5: Number has an immense importance in one's life. Numbers are related to a person in different manners like age, date of birth, marriage anniversary and many other things. Numbers are so powerful that they can even predict your future. With the help of these numbers, people know about their love relationship, marriage, career and other important aspects of life.

To understand these numbers, one should have a deep knowledge about the numbers and their hidden meanings. Today, we are going to talk about the people, who are associated with number 5.
Numerology Number 5: Positive Personality Trait and Characteristics
The ruling planet of Number 5 is


. People, who belong to number 5, 14 (1+4=5), 23 (2+3=5) are associated with planet Mercury. Number 5 is considered to be a good number, which brings a good luck in life. The people, who belong to these numbers are good planners, thinkers and decision makers. They are intelligent, witty and have a good communication skills. They are adventurous and courageous. These people love to travel different places. They have a dynamic personality.
These people can not listen 'No' from anyone. They always engage themselves in some creative work and can never sit idle. They are balanced, understanding and have an emotional stability in life. These are compassionate, kind and caring ones. They are very much intuitive and can easily understand the intentions of other person.

Numerology Number 5: Negative Personality Trait and Characteristics
People, who belong to Number 5 are talkative and sometimes they become chatterbox and talk too much. Sometimes they think they are only intelligent person in this universe. Their over confidence is their negative trait.
Numerology Number 5: Career
People who are associated with number 5 can become good advocate as they have good communication skills. They can choose their career as a writer and work in any production house. They can work in travel agency, marketing field as they are too much talkative. They have a ability to become a business owner. Number 5 people can get a various job and work opportunities in different fields. They are advised to choose their career as per their skills.
Numerology Number 5: Lucky Colour
Green colour, light brown and white colour are their lucky colours. They are advised to use these colours in clothing, bed sheets and pillow.
Numerology Number 5: FAQs

  1. What is the importance of number 5 in numerology?
    Number 5 is the number of Mercury and this planet has its own importance in Numerology as the people who belong to Virgo and Gemini zodiac are ruled by Mercury.
  2. What are the main characteristics of Number 5 people?
    They have a good communication skills and talkative ones. They use their brain before doing any work. These people are good planners and thinker.
  3. What is the lucky colour for Number 5 people?
    Green, light brown and white colours are the lucky colours for these people.
Numerology Number 5: Personality Traits, Career and Lucky Colour - Times of India (2024)
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