How ‘KUWTK’ Finally Addressed the Jordyn Woods–Tristan Thompson Scandal (2024)

On Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the first half of a two-part season finale, viewers finally got to see what E! has been teasing for weeks: The show addressed the Tristan Thompson–Jordyn Woods cheating scandal.

Last week, the network dropped multiple trailers teasing what would happen. Clips showed the sisters finding out about the scandal, gabbing on a three-way call; Khloé Kardashian weeping and praying it didn’t have to be so public; and several cutting lines about Woods (“I know who he was. I never in a million years thought that’s who she was”). Woods told Entertainment Tonight that “everyone has their truth and their story”—and the Kardashians’ story is out!

The episode opened with Khloé revealing that she had been having terrible migraines, to the point where she was even vomiting blood. She wasn’t able to visit Tristan for a while, and then he decided to invite friends to L.A. for NBA All-Star Weekend, renting an Airbnb instead of using to Khloé’s house (which seems…strange). “Tristan has a couple of his guy friends in town for All-Star Weekend, so he rented an Airbnb for the boys to stay at,” Khloé said. “Tristan went to an afterparty. Jordyn was there. Tristan never came home.”

Kim Kardashian West heard the news that Woods and Thompson were “all over” each other from her friend Larsa Pippen, getting the information while she was already filming a confessional for the show (which is also how she heard about Tristan’s first cheating scandal). She called Khloé, who said that she’d spoken to Woods and the conversation had been strange.

“She’s not giving me all the information,” Khloé said. “She was like, ‘He was trying to kiss me,’ and was like, ‘I can’t remember if we did or didn’t.’” she continued. “I said, ‘If you are too nervous to tell me something, you can text me.’ And she said, ‘Okay, I’ll call you in five minutes.’ She hasn’t called me, and that was like, 20 minutes ago.

“It was weird that she didn’t text me at all that evening. ’Cause every single time in the past, if Jordyn would ever see Tristan, she’d text me,” Khloé said. “So Jordyn called me and said, ‘I was your watchdog last night.’ She was there to protect me and keep an eye out, so that’s why she stayed as late as she did.”

Woods called Khloé back and admitted that she and Thompson had kissed (on her episode of Red Table Talk, she said that Thompson had kissed her without asking for her consent). “She’s like, ‘I just can’t believe this is happening. I’m so confused,’” Khloé said when describing the conversation to her sisters. “Like, you’re confused? She was like, ‘I love you, my loyalty is always to you.’

“For Jordyn to know all I’ve been through with Tristan—literally, my heart is in my eyeballs,” she continued. “She’s blaming him. She’s like, ‘I was so naive.’ They’re both wrong.”

“Jordyn?! She is the last person on the planet that I would have said would have done this,” Kendall Jenner said in an interview. “Even if he kissed her and she was taken off guard, she calls Kylie, tells Kylie exactly what happened. That’s what I would do.”

Thompson eventually admitted to Khloé that he had kissed Woods. “He’s like, ‘I can’t stop thinking about you and what a mess I have caused,’” Khloé told Scott Disick. “He’s doing this to get a reaction out of me. Oh, so I’m just allowed to say, ‘I’m going to kill myself’ at any time? That’s crazy.”

After Thompson threatened suicide, Khloé sent someone to check on him. “I feel like I’m so heartbroken,” she said. “Right now, I don’t feel much of anything. I’m in shock. This is a debilitating blow to my soul. It’s so humiliating, it’s hard. There are some days you just want to cry.”

Woods, in tears, apologized to Kris Jenner, who said she had always thought of her as “another daughter.” “I said to [Jordyn], ‘Listen, at the end of the day, the person you need to start with is Khloé. What you did is really, really wrong. You inserted yourself in a situation that you don’t belong in, and my daughter is physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually damaged. She is in pain,’” Kris said. “She was crying and said that she was sorry. I said, ‘You need to tell this to Khloé too.… I have to have Khloé’s back. She’s my baby, she’s my daughter. Until you work this out with Khloé, it’s never going to be okay with the rest of us.’”

Woods had been living in Kylie Jenner’s house but moved out shortly after the scandal broke. While the two are once again following each other on Instagram, the state of their friendship—and of Woods’s relationship with the rest of the family—remains unclear. From what we saw last night, it’s not looking great.

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How ‘KUWTK’ Finally Addressed the Jordyn Woods–Tristan Thompson Scandal (2024)
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