Fulfilment Development Leader – Supply Chain Development - Logistics & Fulfilment at IKEA (2024)

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Fulfilment Development Leader – Supply Chain Development - Logistics & Fulfilment at IKEA (1)
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Job Description

Job ID: REF18602D

Date posted: 08/07/2024

Company description

IKEA Supply is responsible for securing that the product offer is produced and delivered to our customers. We lead the supply agenda across many functions and work together with all business areas, different business units, but also retail markets to secure customer availability in all markets and sales channels at lowest total cost.

Supply Chain Development is going into the next phase of a great journey. By gathering the end-to-end supply chain development agenda into one organisation, embedding process and the development and management of digital solutions into the business, we create the best preconditions for meeting the future with the right competences and business capabilities. By this we will also create the preconditions to a world class supply chain that enable IKEA to efficiently respond to the ever-changing customer needs. The SCD function includes four areas: Procurement, Supply Chain Planning, Logistics & Fulfilment, Intralogistics. Additionally, SCD has three assignments to lead and keep together the overarching development in the field of Data & Technology in Supply, Business Process Management & Identification for total IKEA and the Development Networks to lead collaborative innovation approach around Logistics and Fulfilment. Three enabling functions will be key to support the whole organisation: BN Performance & Support, Communication and People & Culture. Our mission is to design & secure the preconditions for a world class supply chain, run and improve everyday solutions, keep together, and optimise the development and innovation agenda.

Job description

Within the Fulfilment development part of SCD Logistics & Fulfilment Development we identified 2 key areas:

  • Digital developments – This assignment will mainly focus on process and digital solutions with a dedicated support for the Non Ingka Retailers (Users of the Retail Package offered by INTER IKEA) and as well looking at digital developments for all retailers and working closely with INGKA Digital organization.
  • Non-Digital developments – This assignment will mainly focus on the Conceptual framework (Manuals, review, mandatories, toolbox,..), the learning offer, the range of fulfilment retail equipment, the development of new fulfilment retail equipment, strategic developments where fulfilment will play a big role & expansion by supporting the establishment of IKEA in new markets. We will also lead the retail fulfilment network who is aiming to support all retailers not operated by INGKA Group from fulfilment perspective.

This assignment will specifically focus on the non-digital developments field.

As a Fulfilment Development Leader, you will bring your fulfilment expertise and your Supply Chain knowledge to secure business objectives in connection to the IKEA Supply Strategy, to the Retail Concept strategy, to the SCD Business Plan and to the One IKEA Business Plan considering the Retailers priorities. You will contribute to optimization of the IKEA value chain, for a continuously improved customer experiences, through identifying business opportunities and assess business cases.

In your role as Fulfilment Development Leader, you will, amongst other things:

  • Deliver the customer fulfilment function content as part of our standard IKEA conceptual framework (Topics, How to & examples) and make it available via toolbox and via the manuals to all retailers
  • Define the customer fulfilment function requirements as part of the IKEA Retail Review Landscape: IKEA concept review, Retail Topic review, CMP review, Fulfilment unit review.
  • Play an active role in the retail fulfilment network by Leading, coaching and mentoring colleagues and peers to secure a competent and high-performing team of required capabilities and skilled co-workers.
  • Secure a relevant learning offer for people working in the field of customer fulfilment at the franchisee side.
  • Together with other functions, within and beyond Supply Chain Development, lead and drive strategic business development initiatives impacting the customer fulfilment field or requiring a distinct end-to-end focus.
  • Define & maintain the offer of Retail fulfilment Equipments for all retailers and lead the development agenda according to business needs.
  • Represent the IKEA retail businesses not operated by INGKA group in the Development & innovation networks.
  • Secure a very close dialogue and alignment with people sitting under retail concept and working on retail experience, expansion and learning field.
  • Lead and coordinate all supply activities related to a new country assessment expansion process & to the successful establishment of the IKEA Concept in new markets across IKEA Supply
  • Establish and maintain ways of working and identify the tasks related to the replenishment of any new Business Unit in new and existing markets for all involved functions to secure availability in the right time.
  • Responsible to lead the Supply Expansion expert Group to identify development needs & implement need changes in our Supply Expansion process.
  • Support the Business Development Programm under the lead of Retail Concept by representing the fulfilment function.

In this role you will report to Team manager for Fulfilment development, within SCD area Logistics & Fulfilment Development.


You are a strong business person with proven leadership and relationship skills to balance the needs from stakeholders within and beyond IKEA Supply.You have relevant supply chain experience, IKEA Retail Experience (Customer Fulfilment Field) and other part of the IKEA value chain. Interdependently you can lead and deliver in projects/business cases, with timely deliverables and with high quality analysis and contribute with a holistic view, being customer centric and having the end-to-end in focus.

We see that you are highly driven by development & Innovation and constantly being on the way. You dare to think differently, and you have an agile approach and adapt as we go. You are interested in technology, digitalization and finding new ways of working and are highly motivated to do this by collaborating and interacting with different stakeholders. You have excellent listening skills and capability to express complex and/or complicated content in a receiver oriented and inspiring way. You show a positive attitude, are self-going, persistent and motivated by taking on challenges.

You have proven experience and knowledge in:

  • Minimum 5 years IKEA Retail Experience within one or more area of the Customer Fulfilment Function on a global or market level (Fulfilment units, fulfilment development, Services fulfilment and/or sourcing)
  • Leadership experience (Minimum 3 years as direct or matrix manager)
  • Development and/or Innovation experience with tangible results
  • Project management by leading and delivering Projects/business cases.
  • Data analytics and insights on strategic, tactical, and operational level
  • Strong communication and stakeholder management skills
  • As a plus, INTER IKEA experience within Retail Concept (Former Core Business Franchise)

More Information

The position is based in Pratteln (Switzerland) or in Malmö (Sweden) and will require travelling. We offer you a position in a fast paced, truly global environment with an endless supply of future opportunities.

Sounds interesting?

If you have any questions about the role, please contact Fabien.nonnez2@inter.ikea.com

This position is located in Pratteln (Switzerland) or in Malmö (Sweden). Please also note that wedo only handle applications in English and no applications coming in by email.We look forward to receiving your application at the latest August 11th, 2024.

You might have some questions about the recruitment process, and we are more than happy to answer those!Feel free to connect with the People & Culture Leader Dan Gustafsson at dan.gustafsson@inter.ikea.com

Looking forward receiving your application!


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Fulfilment Development Leader – Supply Chain Development  - Logistics & Fulfilment at IKEA (2024)
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