Escape from Tarkov Factory Map Beginner's Guide - Odealo (2024)


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Escape from Tarkov Factory Map Beginner's Guide - Odealo (1)


The Factory is the smallest and the most dynamic of all Escape from Tarkov maps. It features many enclosed and semi-opened areas with many elevated spots (inside Tarkov's Factory you have to have your eyes not only behind your head but also on top of it) that promote fast-paced, close-quarters engagements. Lore wise, the Factory wasa chemical plant that was illegally rented out by the Terra Group. Later, when the Tarkov conflict broke out, it was a stage of multiple BEAR vs USEC engagements (as a part of the industrial district, the Factory was of high strategic importance). After the UN intervened, Factory's premises were converted into civilian shelters. Now, these shelters are used mainly by Scavs and PMC operators that still dwell in the city.

There are few things to be expected from a Factory Raid:

  • Because of the low Player limit (maximum of 6 PMCs), there is a chance that you will be alone against a squad of 5 people; Players queue in 5-man squads if they want to easily farm Scavs (all they have to do is eliminate a single PMC and cover known Scav spawns).
  • If you count 5 PMC bodies, that means you are alone on the map and can loot freely. You still have to beware of Scavs and player Scavs that can spawn later in the raid, however.
  • On a map as small as Factory, spawns are located close to each other. This means that you might be rushed almost immediately after you spawn; be on your toes right from the start and don't loot anything at the beginning, relocate quickly instead (yes, there are more than 6 spawns currently which makes spawning safer, but many players know all of them and they will go for you right from the get-go).
  • Enclosed areas encourage camping. Don't be surprised if you get shot after entering a room or going through a door. Luckily, popular camping spots are quite easy to learn and can be avoided/cleared (if you are paranoid, you can take a few flashbangs to a Raid with you, Factory is one of the best places for them).

Points of Interest

There are surprisingly many interesting places to explore inside Tarkov's Factory complex, especially if you like being shot at from almost every corner of the map; here are some of the most interesting locations (possible loot included).

Note1: Left-clicking on the map will open the full-sized version in a new window.

Note2:We plan on expanding this section of the guide and making it much more detailed in the future (some points of interest that are bulked together might be separated, others will be added,etc.).

1. PvE Room / Container Room

This area owes its name to the fact that you will always spawn here if you queue for a Single-Player Raid (this mechanic makes learning the spawns more difficultas you can't just enter and exit a PvE Raid multiple times to determine spawning locations). It is one of the more open locations in the Factory. On the ground floor, there are multiple blue containers that offer some cover (and have some loot insidethem) as well as multiple smaller obstacles that you can hide behind. If you go up the stairs, you can reach the second level or even climb up to the rafters. The rafters offer great vantage points that overlook the whole area, but you are rather exposed when you stand on them. In the southern part of the area, there are locked doors (Factory Key needed) with an extraction point behind them.

Location -One of the main factory hangars, located below the showers and the office area.The PvE Room / Container Room is marked as number "1" on our Map.

Possible Loot:Some loose loot, weapon crates on the ground level (in exposed places, looting them is dangerous), Armor spawn inside the northern-most Blue Container. Weapon Crates up the stairs that lead to the office area (and on the "stage"). Some loose loot (including rare item spawns) on the shelves in the office corridor on the second floor (one of the shelves also has a chance to spawn a Weapon).

2. Main

Factory's Main Hall, easily recognizable by three big silos on the ground level. This area features many elevated spots, including silo roofs, catwalks, and the Overpass, which makes it very dangerous (you just can't watch all angles at once and the possibility of being shot here is incredibly high), but also creates many ambush opportunities. The metal staircase that leads down from the Overpass is often called "stripper".

Location - Between the PvE/Containers and the Generators areas, on the Factory's ground level.The Main room is marked as number "2" on our Map.

Possible Loot:Armor spawn behind the Overpass's exit (on the left) and second one in the blue container close to the "stripper" staircase, backpack spawn on the rafters (above the southern-most silo), Jackets in the "stripper" area; under the stairs, two Weapon Crates close to the "stripper" area.

3. Office

This is where the Factory's management staff resided. As it is common in office areas scattered around Tarkov, there might be something of value hidden here. Sadly, this office's door has been breached alreadywhich, most likelymeans that any secret Terra Group documents that were here are already gone. Also, Scavs are known for using the office's window as an escape route from the Factory (Office Window is a Scav-only extraction point). You will often run into other players in this area, because of its central location.

Location -Factory's third level (up the stairs in the northern part of the Pve / Container Room). The first door on the left. The Office is marked as number "3" on our Map.

Possible Loot: A Safe under the desk close to room's entrance, two lootable Jackets on the left-hand side of the entrance, and two File Cabinets in the far-left corner of the room. There is also an Armor spawn on top of the File Cabinets.

4. Breach Room

A room that is adjacent to the Factory's Office. The doors that leadto are closed, but they are breachable (hence the room's nickname "Breach Room"). There is not much loot here, but it is a quest location. The room is also connected directly to the Office via a second door. Please note that if this room's doors are breached, there might be someone camping inside (also, if you hear the door being breached, it might be an indicator that someone is here). The corridor outside of the Breach Room is quite dangerous, as players tend to go through it.

Location -Factory's third level (up the stairs in the northern part of the Pve / Container Room). The second door on the left The Breach Room is marked as number "4" on our Map.

Possible Loot:Some loose loot on the shelf, mainly ammunition.

5. Locker Room

Factory's locker room, now used as Scav's hideoutbecause of its reinforced door. The Factory Exit Key [Factory Key] is needed to access this area. As most of the locked away areas, the Factory's Locker Room features an above-average loot.This is quite a dangerous area because it is in the middle of the Factory andthecorridor connects the PvE Room with the Machine Room (via the Overpass).

Location -Factory's third level (up the stairs in the northern part of the Pve / Container Room). The third door on the left. The Breach Room is marked as number "5" on our Map.

Possible Loot: Weapon spawnon shelves left of the door (there used to be a bug that allowed you to loot them through the wall when standing in the corridor, but it might have been fixed already), Car Battery on the chair, a lootable Jacket that has 3% chance to spawn the Dorm Room 204 Key [Room 204 Key] - always worth checking, and a key spawn (Portable Cabin Key of Customs Factory Zone [Key]) under the said Jacket.

6. Bathroom

Factory's sanitary area. This is where the regular factory workers put on theiruniforms and showered after their shift has endedto wash any chemicalsoff themselves after a hard day at work. It is split into three sub-areas:

  • Lockers (northern part, and the first you get into if you go from the Overpaasse's side).
  • Showers (the middle part)
  • Sinks (southern part of the area, and the first you get into if you use the staircase inside the PvE/Container Room).

Location - Factory's second floor, above thePvE/Container Roomand below the Factory's Office.The Bathroom is marked as number "6" on our Map.

Possible Loot: Medical supplies spawn inside the lockers, West Wing Room 306 Key [San.306] inside one of the lockers (the middle locker on the northern wall), a weapon and ammo/medical supplies spawn in one of the lockers on the "Sinks" side, the Door Key [Key], that opens the Pumping Station inside the Factory,spawns on a bench inside the locker room.

7. Fork Lifts

This area is named after multiple Fork Lifts, previously used in Factory's halls, that are parked (or rather abandoned) here. There is not much of note here, except one of the most annoying spawns on the entire map: If you spawn behind the red gate (spawn is located in a room between two red gates), consider yourself unlucky and leave the area as soon as possible orrisk being sieged by other players without any escape route (advancing to the Fork Lift room gives you multiple escape options and much, much more cover). If you have the Factory Exit Key, you can access an underground extraction point from here (go to tunnels and unlock the reinforced door on the right).

Location - Factory's ground level, Fork List area is accessible from the Generators room (door at the north-eastern end) and from the tunnels.Fork Lifts are marked as number "7" on our Map.

Possible Loot:Two lootable Jackets on a coat hanger by the lockers, Key to Utility Room of Power Substation {Pow. Ut.] spawn in an opened Blue Locker, close to Coat Hanger.

8. Pumping Station

This is where pumps that were supplying the Factory with water and the ones that pumped out the chemical waste are located. To access this area, you will need the Door Key [Key} that is labeled as "pumping station" (it can be looted from the Factory's locker room, which is quite convenient, but the key doesn't have too high of a spawn chance). This is an optional quest location for the "Sanitary Standards - Part 1" Therapist's quest, as it contains a Gas Analyzer spawn.

Location -Locked shack close to the generators, on the Factory's ground level.The Pumping Station is marked as number "8" on our Map.

Possible Loot:Some loose chemical/industrial loot (including Gas Analyzer and Bleach).

9. Generators

One of the main rooms inside of the Tarkov's chemical Factory complex, named after the two big "generators" sitting in the middle of it. Just as the PvE/Containers Room, this one offers some cover on the ground level and many opportunities to get the high ground, including rafters that can be accessed through the "Overpass" (through the office area). There are multiple spawns around this area (like pretty much everywhere on the map), so you should be on your toes right from the start if you spawn here.

Location -One of the main factory hangars, located below theoffice area, close to Factory's main exit hall (the room that has the Pumping Station building in it).The Generators Room is marked as number "9" on our Map.

Possible Loot:Weapon Boxes on the ground level (in rather exposed areas, looting them without cover is generally a very bad idea), Gas Analyzer and other loos loot in the "Pumping Station" room.

Spawns and Extractions

Detailed Extraction/Spawn map of the Factory coming soon!


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

Raid Strategy

Coming soon!


Escape of Tarkov is a tough game with a steep learning curve. This is why we have decided to aim this guide at new players who tend to struggle with their first Raids and help them learn about different maps that the game has to offer.

We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative.If we have missed an important piece of information, please let us know! Also,we will be happy to receive constructive criticismthat will help us improve our future workso leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

Pictures used in this article are theintellectual property of theBattlestate Games.

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Escape from Tarkov Factory Map Beginner's Guide - Odealo (2024)
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