EliteSingle Matchmaking Dating App: Helping Americans find love | EliteSingles (2024)

EliteSingle Matchmaking Dating App: Helping Americans find love | EliteSingles (1)

Our dating site is designed for those seeking a lasting relationship. We help like-minded American singles find each other, making connections based on mutual compatibility and a shared hope for a love-filled future. The connections we make are built to last.

But just how exactly does this EliteSingles matchmaking process work? Here we outline our matchmaking service and the algorithm behind it: the compatibility factors we use to create these lasting connections and the way in which you can use them to meet your next great match, and find love online.

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1. How our matchmaking gets to know you…

The foundation of our matchmaking process is our insightful personality test, a set of carefully selected questions that draw on those put forward in Costa and McCrae’ famous ‘Five Factor Model.’ It’s a test that uses psychological methodology to determine your levels of openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism – or, put more simply, it’s a way for us to find out what it is that makes you unique.

READ MORE: Ready to find out what the personality test might reveal about you? Find out how to take it for free here!

Once we’ve learned about you and what you want from a long-term relationship, we can start the matchmaking in earnest! We compare your results to thousands of others from your corner of America, creating a shortlist of potential matches with whom you have a lot in common. This makes the personality test a major part of our matchmaking process – but it’s not the only one.

2. How we take your preferences into account…

While our personality test gives us a good foundation to start making partner suggestions, we understand that relationships with long-term potential require more than just compatible personalities – you also need to have compatible lives. This is why we always try and take lifestyle factors, future plans and dating deal-breakers into account when matchmaking: we want you to find love that fits into your busy life (and not the other way around!).

We also understand that your relationship priorities may change and grow across time, which is why we allow for flexibility in your preference settings. While the personality questionnaire may not be re-done, your personal preference preferences can be altered in order to reflect any changes in your lifestyle. This includes, for instance, your preferred partner age, your location in the US, and your desire for children. If you do change these settings you’re likely to notice a change in our matchmaking and the people that are selected for you.

3. How we give matchmaking preference to active profiles…

When you sign up to an online dating site, there’s nothing more disheartening than discovering a promising profile only to notice mid-message that the owner hasn’t been active for years. We want our members to avoid these frustrations, which is why new profiles are verified on our site and why we remove those profiles where all activity has lapsed. It’s our way to help ensure that the matches we suggest to you include smart singles actively seeking love, rather than those who have already found someone special on our site.

READ MORE: Want to ensure that your profile stays active and inviting? Learn how to make the most of it with these tips.

To ensure that your profile gets the attention it deserves, it’s vital to see it as an integral part of the matchmaking process – give it the same care and attention you give to the personality test. Take the time to make sure that you’re happy with every aspect: answer the questions, upload your favorite photos and give yourself a real chance of meeting someone fantastic.

4. How we connect compatible American singles…

For, ultimately, that’s why our members join our site – to meet someone with whom they can have a real connection. Our users may have a variety of different careers, they may come from all over the States, but they do share one very important thing: they’re looking for lasting love with a partner who gets them.

And we want to help them find just that! This why we aim to match all of our members with 3-7 tailored, specific partner suggestions every day (a number that can rise as high as 20 with the Premium ‘Have you met…’ feature). If you’re looking for a partner who suits your personality, your lifestyle preferences and your relationship hopes then why not get started on meeting them today?

Join EliteSingles and find out how our matchmaking process can help you.

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EliteSingle Matchmaking Dating App: Helping Americans find love | EliteSingles (2024)
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