Accountant in Martinsville, IN for South Central IN REMC (2024)


Posted: 28-Jun-24

Location: Martinsville, Indiana

Type: Full Time

Salary: DOE, let's discuss


Accounting and Financial Services

Required Education:

High School


South Central Indiana REMC (SCI REMC) is a not-for-profit electric and fiber distribution, member-owned cooperative. The cooperative is a leader in distribution technology and is headquartered in a new and progressive facility in Martinsville, Indiana. SCI REMC serves seven counties including Morgan, Monroe, Owen, Brown, Johnson, Putnam and Clay with over 3,542 miles of energized lines and serving 29,800 plus members. SCI REMC’s fiber division serves over 11,000 subscribers with high-speed broadband services. SCI REMC has an opening for a second Accountant in the Finance Department.

If you meet the qualifications below, please apply on our website: include a cover letter with salary expectations and a resume. Completing a PI assessment is a part of the application process. Do not apply on any other website – apply only on the South Central Indiana REMC website. No Phone Calls, please!

The primary objective of this position includes:

  1. At the direction and oversight of the Vice President of Finance, prepare reports for management, prepare various regulatory reports and filings, and assist as needed with preparation of budgets and forecasts.
  2. Reconcile general ledger accounts on a regular basis. Create entries and record transactions in the General Ledger and subsidiary ledgers.
  3. Maintain fixed asset records and facilitate equipment leasing.
  4. Oversee the annual financial audit, coordinate with auditors, prepare workpapers and provide requested documentation as needed.

The Accountants at SCI are responsible for performing a variety of accounting duties in accordance with Rural Utilities Service (RUS) Uniform System of Accounts and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Prepare and post journal entries to the general ledger and reconcile general ledger accounts. Prepare financial statements and various other reports for SCI Management, Board of Directors, and External Auditors. Perform other accounting duties such as month and year end closing, fixed asset management, and preparation and filing of various tax returns and other documents to meet regulatoryrequirements.

The best candidates will have a high attention to detail, thorough understanding of GAAP and ability to apply business acumen to make general and appropriate decisions.

If you are Interested in this great opportunity and meet the qualifications below,

apply confidentially through the SCI REMC website –

Resumes received ONLY through the SCI website will be considered.

SCI REMC offers excellent benefits including a pension plan, 401(k) matched savings, healthcare, HSA with a generous employer contribution and much more. Joining the co-op family will prove to be a welcoming, friendly experience where employees are focused on providing the best service to all members and subscribers. Join this unique, not-for-profit business that truly values its team players and encourages life-long learning and development.



Minimum bachelor’s degree or equivalent with emphasis in accounting, finance, or equivalent knowledge and experience.


Minimum of three years’ experience in an electric cooperative or telecom with direct experience with job content, or five years’ experience at a non-cooperative business in accounting with similar responsibilities or in an audit firm working with electric cooperatives or telecoms. Experience with electric cooperative accounting, telecommunications accounting and/or auditing procedures is preferred.


  • Must be capable of writing and analyzing database reports, generating detailed data files, and working with large data sets.
  • Must be capable of learning and understanding regulatory and lender requirements and complying with filing deadlines.
  • Capable of creating and maintaining audit work papers and financial reports.
  • Must be capable of writing and maintaining process documentation.
  • Capable of maintaining confidentiality in all matters.
  • Must maintain accurate, detailed records.
  • Must be capable of critical thinking to work independently and produce quality reports with consideration of all information.
  • Must be able to work effectively on a daily basis with a variety of individuals with little supervision.
  • Must be a team player with effective communication skills.
  • Must be regular in work attendance.

SCI REMC is an Equal Opportunity Employer that recruits and hires qualified candidates without regard to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, disability, or veteran status.

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About South Central IN REMC

SCI REMC is the largest electric and fiber services cooperative in Indiana and is expanding services to include offering high-speed fiber to all 34,800+ members plus expecting 10,000 + fiber subscribers. Conveniently located about 1/2 hour south of Indianapolis, Indiana and 15 minutes north of Bloomington, Indiana, near I-69.

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Accountant in Martinsville, IN for South Central IN REMC (2024)
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